Austin Beer Week is a multi-day, multi-event, brewer-centric showcase of all things craft beer.

Austin Beer Week is produced by a small but thirsty band of loyal Austin craft beer drinkers, in partnership with the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting Texas craft brewers and the craft beer community.

Austin Beer Week's unique event structure provides an open palate for, well, opening palates. To the extent events are curated, brewers and venues are encouraged to embrace the creative, playful, even daring when planning activities, which can range from intense food-beer appreciation from nationally recognized chefs to tongue-in-cheek competitions testing keg-lifting mettle.

Brewers and venues know Austin Beer Week is no time to play it safe -- and they don't.

Austin Beer Week's nature as both marathon and sprint results in brewers racing from event to event all nine days, all over greater Austin, and all so they can personally connect with you. How cool is that? Yes, they're hustling to grow, but anyone who's been around craft beer knows that's only a portion of their motivation. Appreciation and invest in the community is the other, and we are blessed for that.

So Austin Beer Week is not only our way of celebrating craft beer, but of giving back, through the exposure and direct economic impact the week generates for the craft beer community (brewers and venues, in particular), and by benefitting the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.